5 Easy Indoor Plants

If I can keep these plants alive, there’s is no doubt you can too!

Mr. O and I are outside as much as we possibly can be for 7 months of the years. Unfortunately, Canadian winter creeps in with short dark days and cold temperatures, we begin to hibernate. I struggle with depression and anxiety, the cold, dark, long winters can be really difficult and every little bit helps. For me bringing the outside in, is one of those little bits. I love that plants help clean and improve, indoor air quality. It’s also kinda fun to watch them grow, if you can keep them alive!

If I haven’t killed these plants, no one can! I water all my plants once a week. Sometimes I forget and it’s a week and a half (ok, maybe 2 😕).

Indoor Palm

Snake plant

Yucca Palm

Money Tree

Spotted Laurel

If anyone has any other suggestions, please share!

Until next time. TTFN 😊



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