If you build it, they will come! Why we love our backyard pond.

Our backyard pond was this years summer project. I wasn’t planning on sharing this but Mr. O took a pretty cool GoPro video that I wanted to share. It seemed only right to give you some background story.

When we researched how to build our pond and many people said that biggest mistake oat make is that they make it to small. We planned it out as best we could and Mr. O dug the whjole by hand! 🙄

It’s amazing how expensive rocks can be and what’s a pond without rocks! Luckily, we live in a small farming community and farmers always have tones of rocks in their fields. If you can pick them up and take them away, they’re usually free! Make sure you ask first.

Mr. O founds some pretty incredible plants. These are also quite expensive to purchase. We were able to “borrow”a few from the lake up at his dads!

We were most excited to get some goldfish. We went with $.99 feeder fish in case they didn’t live or in case some furry thing stole them in the night. What we weren’t expecting were all the other things that find your pond enchanting!




img_0821-2 Then the fish started having babies!

We spend endless hours (sipping cocktails) sitting around the pond, watching the echo system that we had created. It’s really quite incredible that all of these things, plants, water, wildlife and bacteria all rely on one another to survive. They only thing we provided was food for the fish in the beginning and a water pump and filter to keep the water moving.

In the end, the only thing we wish we had done differently, was make it bigger! ☹️

Any how, the hole point of today was to share this video with everyone. The fish are getting ready to hibernate. Fingers crossed they all make it to the spring. Good luck fishies!

Until next time. TTFN!


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