Christmas Eve Box Perfected

It’s Christmas Eve Box time! After a few years of trial and error, I think I’ve mastered the Christmas Eve Box.

While Mr. O and I don’t have any kids, we do have 7 nieces and nephews, that we love dearly. They range in age from 2-9. Four years ago, we start the Christmas Eve Box tradition for them. It’s great in so many ways. I never have to worry about what to buy them. It grows up with them. Their parents actually get excited to see what’s inside. Best of all, the way it’s delivered keep the magic of Christmas alive for them a little bit longer.

The most important place to start is with the book Pajama Elves. It’s a short rhyming book, with wonderful pictures. It tells the story of little elves that sneak in to your house at night and measure you while you are sleeping. The Panama Elves then return to the North Pole to make custom pyjamas, stitched with magical thread that makes you sleepy! The last page of the book is a fantastic parcel label for your Christmas Eve box. I use it every year!

Here are the things I include every year;

1. Christmas pajamas. I always order from The Children’s Place. They usually put their PJs on sale in November.

2. A Christmas book. These are the ones I’ve given;

3. Reindeer food AKA birdseed. (I like to call it Flying blend with a Power Booster or something like that)

4. A breakfast treat like Nutella, Cheeze Whiz, or a sugary cereal

5. Hot chocolate

6. Some sort of cookie for Santa. Christmas eve seems to be a busy day for a lot of families so I never include a cookie mix. I just assume there won’t be time. Instead I put in premade cookies with decorations. But last year I put in a personal favorite…Christmas Viva Puffs with a note that they are Santa’s Fav!

7. Christmas movie. This year I decided not to since everyone one has either Netflix or a Kodi box. Although here are the ones I’ve given in the past;

8. Popcorn. Still on the fence about this one, since I’m not including the movie.

9. Amaryllis (flower bulb in a box)

10. MadLibs

11. Kinder eggs

Some other things I’ve included;

1. A secret key for Santa if you don’t have a chimney.

2. A game. There a lots of ideas for minute to win it games that are inexpensive to put together. SnowBall Toss, the Elves love it since they’re not allowed through snowballs inside. It’s basically beer pong with candies and cotton balls!

3. Home made magical flannel pillow cases with their first initial. I put them each in a ziplock with a warning. DO NOT OPEN UNTIL BEDTIME-WILL CAUSE DROWSINESS! This year I’m going to include another patch to add to the pillow case, in case the magic was washed on over the year.

4. Scavenger hunt. It’s great when the weather is mild to go for a family walk and see if you can find ie. An inflatable penguin, Santa and his sleigh, Rudolph, Flashing Christmas lights etc. There are a lot of premade ones online, but so easy to make your own!

5. “What’s your Elf Name” Create two lists. A-Z, A-Sweet cheeks B-PeanutButter C-Kisses etc… January – December, January-Sparkles February-Cookie March-Kitten etc To find your elf name, take the first letter of your name and the month you were born ie Sweet Cheeks Sparkles. The adults find it fun and the kids get a real kick out of it. Again, there are lots of ideas online, but so easy to make!

6. Christmas joke book

7. A Christmas craft

I try really hard to not include too much candy or junk food. I also try to add things that encourage family time. Once the kids get a bit older I will definitely include a Christmas puzzle!

The part that I find the most fun, is the assembly and delivery! I always include a letter from the Elves address to the kids. I mentioned something that I know they did during the year, such as hockey. For my “spirited” niece, I will include something along the lines of “Santa was a little concerned a few times throughout the year but he knows you’re your trying really hard to do better”. Reminding them to hang the magical key on the door, read Pyjama Elves, so they remember what’s special about the jammies.

After the box is all packed, I wrap them in blank, brown “parcel” paper and add the Pajama Elves Label. Address it to the kids, with a note that says DO NOT OPEN UNTIL CHRISTMAS EVE MORNING. I then leave the box on the door step when they are not home, a day or so early. Their suspense and speculation is so funny to see! For the families that lives out of town. We send the package by mail, giving mom/dad the heads up, allowing for lots of time to get there.

The package is made by the elves and/or Mrs. Clause and comes directly from the North Pole. My 9 year old nephew has never questioned where it comes from and I hope I have a few more years before anyone does. Either way, it’s a tradition that I hope they will look forward to for years to come.

Let me know if you need any other ideas. I’m always happy to help!


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