Life-changing week in San Francisco: Part 2

The day we rented bikes, was one of the best.  Don’t worry, the wharf and water front area in San Francisco is flat! There’s lots of options for bike rentals and they’re all pretty comparable.

We toured down a long the water, towards the Golden Gate Bridge. There’s a great path all the way there so you don’t have to bike in traffic. In order to get the bridge, you do have to bike or walk your bike up hill for what seems like eternity! I had to get off and walk but Mr. O didn’t seem to have any problems.

On the other side of the bridge, we rode way down a winding hill.  It was probably a little dangerous to be biking, since there’s not really a shoulder.  But as usual the views were spectacular.  At the bottom of the hill is Sausalito.  The town has lots of little restaurants, cafes and shops.  But we didn’t really spend much time looking in town. I had read that Sausalito had a floating house community, that I needed to see. Mr. O happened across a kayak rental place down in the marina. We hopped in a 2 seater, paddled our way past boats and birds and sea lions sunbathing their big bellies, with out a care in the world.

The picture really doesn’t do the floating houses justice. You could paddle up and down the “streets”.  The water like glass. More peaceful than you could ever imagine. Some homes are grand while other looked like they had seen better day. But we found ourselves in another one of those life- changing moments, surrounded by tranquility.

We stopped at a water front restaurant for a drink and pizza. Sadly, they didn’t offer Happy Hour.  We decided that after biking down the devils run to Sausalito, it would be best to take the 30 or so minute ferry back. It was about $15 for us and our bikes and a boat ride is always fun.

You can’t go to San Francisco and not go to Alcatraz. Mr.O bought our tickets in advance, as per everyones recommendation. Access is limited on the grounds, since it has become so run down, a lot of spots are no longer safe.  I was a little nervous, feeling like there was lots of bad energy inside Alcatraz.  I shook it off and enjoyed complimentary audio tour, that turned out to be fantastic. Some great stories and history narrated by a former warden and a couple of former inmates.  

Next on our list was Pier 39. The pier itself is shops and food, geared towards tourists.   It’s also a very we’ll know spot amongst the sea lion community.  I could have spent the entire day here.  They are somehow part dog, part dolphin.  Pretty awesome combination in my books!

Our last day was spend in the hippie district, also known as Haight and Ashbury.

Not as welcoming a community as we expected. A few land marks to check out. A great little restaurant called Veganburg.  We toured around the consignment shops and bought some crystals, hoping for some good energy.  I spent some time at the park with a book, giving my feet a much needed rest, while Mr.O got a tattoo.

We then hopped on the bus to the Mission district, for our last supper. The Mexican food is probably the best we’ve ever eaten.  Apparently, you can’t go wrong, no matter what place you choose.  We rolled the dice and went to Taco Loco.  We were not disappointed! We couldn’t finish our plates but our bellies hurt, we ate so much!  Delicious!

While we were in San Francisco, the area was experiencing higher than normal temperatures. As a result, the signature fog never rolled in.

But lucky for us, the day we flew out, the temperature dropped.

It was definitely an expensive city. But we packed some snacks in our suitcase so we didn’t eat at restaurants 3 times a day. We booked our hotel through Hotwire. We also bought a 3 day public transportation pass, which saved us lots money in taxis etc. And don’t forget Happy Hour!!

Mr. O says this is the best trip he’s ever taken and I just might have to agree. This week made us realize that there’s so much more. There’s still so much to see and do in this life.

Everyone should visit California once in their lives. The sky is more blue and the sun is always shining and we definitely plan on returning.

Stay tuned for our next adventure.  TTFN


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